Points to Consider When Making a Loan Application

There is a need and you will apply for a loan. However, you do not know how to apply for a loan. Well, then this article will guide you. Please continue reading.

First of all, let’s determine which need you made the loan application. Let’s start by determining whether you are getting a loan for buying a car, buying a house, for your needs in general, to close your other debts, or for your business business.

If you meet these conditions or if there is no contradiction, let’s look at which loan how to apply.

Consumer Loan Application

Consumer Loan Application

A personal loan is the most preferred type of loan among all loans. Most of the retail loans used (in units) are consumer loans. The bank does not ask you where to spend this money. It does not apply for any pledge or mortgage. However, the interest on these loans is somewhat high and their usage limits are low.

If you have the conditions that we mentioned about the general-purpose loan, sms credit from the mobile line of the bank where you like to inquire from our site and like the interest rates and conditions, and web credit from the internet branch. Or you can go to the branch and apply directly through the customer representative. If you are going to use credit for the first time, it will be correct to have your income document with you. Self-employed and tradesmen should keep the VAT accrual receipt and the last income tax accrual receipt for the last month.

Vehicle Loan Application

Vehicle Loan Application

Car loan allocation has some additional conditions in addition to the above personal conditions. Vehicles over the age of 10 are not given second-hand loans and credit is not provided to all the costs of the vehicles. In addition, the licenses of the vehicles are put hostage and there is a car insurance obligation next to the compulsory traffic insurance.

In addition to the documents we mentioned in the consumer loan when applying, you will need to have a copy of the license for vehicle proforma invoices or used vehicles.

Housing Loan Application

One of the most frequently used types of loans is housing loans. Again, depending on the prerequisites mentioned above, credit is given to a certain part of the appraisal value of the house and a mortgage is put into the title deed. Before the application, a valuation is required for the home you will receive.

Commercial Loan Application

Commercial Loan Application

It is the loan application you make for your company’s financing needs. In addition to the above documents, for the real business companies, self-employed, a tax plate sample, the above documents and the financial statements of the company for the last 2 years will be required for the credit valuation of the dominant partners in the companies

In commercial loans, an allocation is made over the company, but dominant partners are held responsible. In other words, although it is allocated for the legal entity, the dominant partner and the signatory person who are automatically guarantor in case of negativity will be responsible for the loan. The application can only be made through the commercial customer representative at the bank branch.

As a result, if you have a reliable bank register to apply for a loan, you can easily apply through many channels. In other cases, it is recommended to correct your registry first. You should also make sure that you are applying for the right type of loan.

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