How do banks determine their credit rating?

To get credit, of course, you need to meet some criteria. Do you have any information about the credit rating, a sweat we have heard in recent years? How to determine the credit score, who keeps the record, what are the criteria.

The Central Bank monitors and records the financial information of all citizens for use in determining both statistics and financial strategies. These data Treasury, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance and Turkey Statistical Institute is committed to the database.

You can think of this data as a National indebtedness database

You can think of this data as a National indebtedness database

Of course, the provision and recording of the data are under serious control within the scope of the protection of personal data. It is not accessible to everyone. Also, person-based information can be displayed anonymously, even by unauthorized institution officials. In other words, when viewing statistical data, contact information is not accessed.

Another institution that has direct access to this database is the Credit Registration Bureau, which records all the laws of citizens regarding banks. In fact, KKB data is provided by banks, not by the state. Because the credit registry office is a private enterprise where data traffic is processed between banks.

Credit Registry Office was established in 1995 as a joint venture of banks. The aim is to provide accurate and fast credit intelligence when citizens apply for loans. Nowadays, with the developing technology, access to the data has accelerated, and the credit research processes of the banks have been significantly shortened.

Credit registry office contacts cannot access every information

Like the Central Bank and other public institutions, it cannot access all financial transactions. It is only possible for individuals to access any data other than their relationship with banks within the scope of the protocols implemented with the relevant public institution.

KKB credit rating is also one of the many credit allocation decision factors determined only through the relations with banks. In addition to this factor, the banker must have access to a number of different data while allocating credit. While credit allocation is made, besides KKB status information, debt inquiries are made through the Ministry of Finance.

With the evolving digital age, access to a lot of data is now very easy. Until 10 years ago, people’s debt inquiries could hardly be made on a judicial scale, and some mistakes could be made in loan allocations. Especially since the debts transferred to the judicial justice could not be questioned, credit allocations were made to individuals with debts that were not visible in the bank records, and serious problems occurred in credit returns.

Thanks to the new generation of information technology, this problem has been eliminated, and thanks to the serious supervision of the credit purchasing process supported by the state within the scope of national economic strategies, the state is now able to access almost any data based on the authority to be granted by individuals who want to take credit.

The minimum conditions set for obtaining credit are actually very clear

The minimum conditions set for obtaining credit are actually very clear

First of all, your credit or credit card accounts in any bank should not be in a state of delay. Also, delays to be displayed in your last 6 months payment order will cause your credit rating to decrease.

The credit rating is based on a system in which the order of the financial relations of the individuals with the banks is followed. Your grade increases or decreases depending on your payment habits. Banks or other organizations cannot know your income because your income status is information that is not available from any source. Only documents containing income information that you will transmit to banks are effective.

In this context, if you are going to make credit transactions with banks for the first time, you may not get high amounts because your credit rating is undefined. However, the regular payments you make after the first credit or credit card you will receive will make your grade increase systematically.

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