Credit card without Credit checker with credit limit vs. Prepaid credit card

Paying with a credit card is now becoming increasingly common in Germany. The popular plastic money also offers decisive advantages in terms of security and convenience during the payment process when paying in Internet shops.

These undisputed advantages naturally create the desire for many people in Germany to have their own cards so that they can also benefit personally from these advantages. Unfortunately, however, it is not possible for everyone to get a credit card in the normal way, since in most cases a check is carried out on the well-known credit bureaus, such as Credit Checker.

Some banks have now recognized this fact and consequently

Some banks have now recognized this fact and consequently

Offer a product that is accessible to everyone and yet provides almost all the advantages of a normal credit card. These offers are called credit cards on a credit basis or simply prepaid credit cards.

The only restriction to the “full” variant is the fact that credit cards on a credit basis do not offer a credit line. All amounts paid with this card are debited directly from the associated account.

Regardless of pure prepaid variants, there may also be options to get a real credit card without Credit Checker information, which will be explained in more detail below.

Credit card without Credit Checker with a credit line or credit line

Credit card without Credit Checker with a credit line or credit line

Most people see a certain credit line as one of the main reasons for choosing a credit card in addition to the possibility of cashless payment. However, the search for a real credit card with a credit limit (comparable to a bank account overdraft facility) presents a real challenge if there is a negative Credit Checker entry.

Anyone who already has a checking account at a local bank or savings bank or an internet bank and would like to reorder a credit card should not have such a bad chance of getting a fully-fledged credit card. Basically, it should be noted that almost every German bank requires Credit Checker information, but if you have been a good customer of the bank for many years (and have received the current account despite negative Credit Checker entries), a Mastercard can also be used in many cases or realize a Visa card with a credit line.

However, if you are looking for a combination of a current account and a full credit card, you are facing a challenge. But despite the rarity of these offers, current accounts without a Credit Checker can always be found with a credit card, especially on the Internet.

Here you only have to separate serious from dubious offers

It is not uncommon for these offers to come from banks, but from resourceful intermediaries who promise to broker financial products of this type for an upfront fee, but generally do not keep their word. As a customer with a negative Credit Checker, it is not unusual to get rid of the agency fee without having seen a single letter from the actual bank.

Above all, direct banks offer a better option. These are credit institutions that operate exclusively online and accordingly do not operate any branches. The main advantage is the low-cost tariffs. Current accounts at direct banks are often entirely free of charge and also come with a credit card.

At this point it should be pointed out the special meaning of the disposable income. Even if many direct banks do not require the checking account to receive monthly payments, the income of the account holders also plays a role for them. Of course, direct banks can also be convinced much faster with their offers if, despite the negative Credit Checker entry, a sufficiently high monthly income is generated.

The same applies, of course, if you try to convince the longstanding house bank to issue a credit card despite the negative Credit Checker. The local consumer advice centers can also be helpful here, as they are often happy to help mediate between banks and bank customers.

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