Payday Loans

Payday loan: what are the benefits

Clear the way for your wishes. A new car, a nice vacation trip or just renovating your apartment – fulfill your wishes with a payday loan. Our purchase loan gives you the financial freedom you need for this. The payday loan is a consumer loan.


The payday loan at a glance

personal loan

Installment loan according to your wishes

Your Moneyrule Bank adapts the purchase credit to your personal life situation, your goals and wishes. Monthly installments tailored to your needs and a fixed agreed term make the repayment transparent and predictable for you at any time.


Your benefits with a purchase loan

  • Individual financing, tailored to your needs
  • Immediate availability of your purchase loan after approval
  • Planning security thanks to a fixed term
  • Installment loan with constant installments
  • Interest rate security over the entire term
  • Free use


Commitment to residual credit insurance

credit insurance

Security for you as a borrower

Protect yourself and your loved ones against the financial consequences of unemployment, incapacity to work or death. This way you can implement your plans and plans without worrying about such risk cases. Moneyrule Bank will be happy to make you a loan offer with residual credit insurance to prevent overindebtedness if such unexpected events occur.

Commitment to our house

The residual credit insurance is a voluntary addition to your credit contract. It is therefore not necessary to have a degree to obtain a loan. We also expressly point this out to our customers in the context of personal advice and advice documentation.

Your Moneyrule Bank has signed up to the self-commitment to residual credit insurance of the German credit industry (DK) and is committed to further increasing transparency towards you as our customer. As part of a tailored consultation, we work with you to determine your individual insurance cover. Already in the offer, we will clearly inform you of the amount of the insurance premium. If you decide to co-finance the insurance premium, we will inform you about the monthly credit installment, both with and without the contribution for the voluntary residual credit insurance. This gives you a better overview of your future financial obligations.


For what purposes is the purchase loan paid out?

No matter whether new car, new furniture or a nice holiday – the payment of your purchase loan is usually made regardless of your personal purpose. You decide which wishes you want to fulfill.


What is the borrowing rate?

The borrowing rate only includes the interest costs for drawing on the purchase loan.


What is the APR?

The APR shows the actual total cost of a purchase loan. In addition to the borrowing rate, the annual percentage rate also takes all other costs associated with the purchase loan into account. The APR is therefore the decisive factor when comparing different loan offers.

Do people in debt have a chance to get a loan?

The offer of the current non-banking sector is gradually becoming more extensive and takes into account the needs of various customer groups. Therefore, in the offers of many of today’s loan institutions, we will find not only standard payday loans or installment loans but also solutions such as loans for the indebted. In this case, loan institutions are able to ‘brace’ the customer’s debt and negative credit history, as long as the borrower has a real ability to pay the new liability. See for details

It is also worth being aware of the fact that loans and payday loans are on the market in more than one variant. Loans intended for people with negative history in databases are something else, and loans are so-called debt relief.

Loans for those in debt: the most important information

Loans for those in debt: the most important information

What are the differences between these two variants and what is most important to know about the non-bank offer dedicated to customers with debt?

As the name suggests, solutions such as installment loans and payday loans for indebted are intended for those customers who, for various reasons, would have problems obtaining loan financing on standard terms.

How it’s working?

Depending on the loan institution’s offer, negative credit history and / or our debt may be offset by other factors. Most often, we will simply have to prove to the loan company that we will be able to repay the loan. Of course, the easiest method in this area is regular and relatively high income. In some cases, however, an option in this regard may be, for example, to pledge a loan or take a loan from another person, i.e. simply a guarantor.

However, does the above information show that when lending institutions grant loans to an indebted person they do not verify their creditworthiness? Of course, this assumption is very wrong. Moreover, we can expect that the condition of our finances will be checked much more accurately than in the case of the standard offer of non-bank loans.

Another important issue is of course security, and more precisely the distinction between loan institutions and the so-called parabank. The former are entities listed in the Register of Loan Institutions at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Obviously, we should only be interested in the offer of loan institutions, not parabanks

Debt loans: what are they?


A highly specific variant when it comes to loans for those in debt is so-called loans for debt relief. In this case, the loan institution provides financing under certain conditions, thanks to which we will be able to repay existing liabilities. Obviously, this form of loans for indebted people is characterized by installments. So these are not payday loans.

Obtaining a debt loan will almost always require us to establish a pledge or take out a loan from another person. However, some entities are more flexible in this respect, which gives the client some room for negotiation with the lender regarding the individual terms of the loan for debt relief.